Before you move - you need to set up your services

Your new home may have utility services already, so getting an account set up in your name could only take a phone call to the utility company. If you already have electricity and/or gas in your name, you may be able to transfer accounts from one billing address to another.

In Alberta, you have options when buying electricity and natural gas. If you need to open a new account, a company offering the regulated rate option (RRO) can set up an account for you immediately, or even backdate if required. A competitive company can take from 10-90 days to set up services in your name.

Try to call the utility company at least two weeks before you take possession of your home. New customers will need to provide their full name and contact information (phone number and email), service address, and desired service start date. You may also be asked to provide some type of identification, such as your driver’s licence number. If you want to switch to a competitive provider at a future date, you can do this after service is set up with the regulated rate provider.

You can choose either a regulated or competitive retailer. Each company will need different types of information to set up service. Most competitive companies will also need a credit check before setting up service. If the company cannot set up service before you take possession or move into your home, set up regulated services until your contract becomes active. You can cancel your regulated service without penalty as soon as your contract is in effect.